Mainstream Media Lies


07 July 2015
Do not trust mainstream media

PLEASE be aware that the media portrayal of Greek life at the current time is an abysmal travesty, journalism at it's lowest. Life here on the islands  is still as beautiful and idyllic as ever. We are NOT running out of food! We are NOT struggling to get cash out of ATM's (No limit on Non-Greek bank cards, except those imposed by your own bank)! In fact we are enjoying sunny days at the prettiest beaches, swimming in the clearest sea, drinking coffee and cocktails in the port, enjoying delicious food under canopies of vine leaves and bougainvillea, smelling the sweet jasmine and honeysuckle in the evenings, and generally having a beautiful summer. You are welcome to join us, please DON'T be put off by the absolute RUBBISH in the media, maybe it's a political strategy, maybe it sells newspapers, but it's absolutely NOT TRUE! 

written by Hayley Darby , tourist in Greece